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The Book of Leviticus: Set Apart (Sep 25, 2016) Pr. Kurt Hoover

Leviticus 26:1-13    “‘Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred stone for yourselves, and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down before it. I am the Lord your God. 2 “‘Observe my … [Read More...]


“What We Take On The Journey Is As Important As What We Leave Behind” (Sep 18, 2016) Pr. David Nygard

Exodus 14:5-8, 10-14 (NIV) 5 When the king of Egypt was told that the people had fled, Pharaoh and his officials changed their minds about them and said, “What have we done? We have let the Israelites go and … [Read More...]

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September Morning School of the Bible

Click below for our September Bible Readings. September-morning-school-of-the-bible   … [Read More...]



Congratulations Elise and Gavin Tabb! It was a beautiful day for a wedding as Pastor Dave and Karen Nygard gave away … [Read More...]

Workcamp 2

Work Camp 2016

        What a wonderful to thing to help out our community. These folks really did … [Read More...]

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